Haier Smart Home Continues Its Climb Up The Fortune Global 500 Ranking Up To 448

Fortune released the ranking on its website on July 22. Following the renaming of Haier subsidiary Haier Smart Home in June of this year, the company has been gearing up to accelerate its smart home ecosystem brand strategy.

Unlike most smart home solutions, which are typically connected by IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, Haier Smart Home emphasises a user-centred connection based on lifestyle, represented by the brand’s iconic 5 Smart Home Spaces smart living-room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room. For example, in the bedroom, you will find Haier’s smart pillow which monitor’s your sleeping patterns and can give instructions to other devices in the room to meet your needs, such as lowing the air-conditioner accordingly or waking you up when ready.

Not only are these devices designed to adjust to the needs of individuals, but they are customised as well. Products and solutions have been designed to meet the needs of different cultures and individual habits of users through its seven global brands – Haier, GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, AQUA, Candy, Casarte and Leader.

Haier Smart Home has also sped up its marketing campaigns after its renaming. On June 18, the day of its renaming, Haier Smart Home initiated the construction of China’s biggest smart home experience centre in Shanghai, before going on to release the Conductor high-end smart home solution under the brand Casarte in Chongqing on June 21. In July Haier Smart Home launched a new marketing strategy during the China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair and and announced the biggest high-end smart home manufacturing plant in China to be built in Shanghai. Haier Smart Home now has set up over 3,500 smart home experience centres in China and plans to build more centres in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

Haier Smart Home was recently recognized by BrandZ as the most valuable ecosystem brand in the world. Before its renaming, Haier Smart Home was already ranked top for ten consecutive years in the large home appliances market. The rebranding and globalisation of its smart home solutions will enable Haier to continue its first-class service for users around the world.―New Kerala

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