Haier Releases Kitchen Appliances Strategy, Leading The Global Kitchen Appliances Into Haier Era

The First Haier kitchen appliances industry’s annual global conference with the theme of “New Kitchen, New worlds” was held in Qingdao, China. The suppliers and workers of Haier appliances come home from all over the world to create the era of kitchen appliances.

Haier kitchen appliances released the smart package solution on the scene. And experts shared “black technologies” at the annual conference. Consumers can experience different kitchen life, such as “Anti-dry Burning” which is a patented technology owned by Haier. In the global kitchen appliances market, original technology is born at any moment, because of the open ecosystem of user-centered in Haier appliances. The release of “smart package solution” provides a direction for the kitchen appliances and even the whole kitchen appliances industry in the future.

GE Appliances, Casarte, Haier, and Leader also released new kitchen appliances in 2019 at the conference; they fully satisfy the customers’ different needs and personalized customization.

In addition, Haier Global Suppliers Strategic Alliance of appliances established on the scene. It opened a new pattern of the global appliances market. Haier kitchen appliances have reached strategic cooperation with 108 high-quality suppliers all over the world to jointly create a wonderful kitchen life experience for global customers.

At the same time, the global suppliers and customers also see the Haier’s increasing intelligent technique by visiting Haier appliances interconnection factory.

Haier lead a world kitchen appliances brand platform, integrates five major brands of Fisher & Paykel, GE Appliances, Casarte, and Leader. It accurately connects with the needs of the global segment, while leads the development and transformation of the kitchen appliances industry.

In 2018, the global layout of Haier kitchen appliances has been gradually improved, and a total of 13 kitchen solutions were introduced. The brand has been fully integrated to achieve high-speed growth trend which from the technique, technology, market and so on. In 2019, Haier kitchen appliances will unswervingly continue to promote the strategic policy decision, and work together to create an intelligent and unitized kitchen for the customers’ best experiences. — Digital Journal

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