Haier Ranked In BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Brands

The 2019 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking was officially released at the New York Stock Exchange. The list featured 15 Chinese brands including Haier, marking the first time that the company appeared in the rankings. Additionally, Haier made it into a new category – the IoT ecosystem brand.

The BrandZ List of Most Valuable Brands is jointly released by the world’s largest advertising group WPP and its subsidiary Kantar, a leading research, insight and data company. The list established a new category – the IoT ecosystem brand – for the first time, sending a new signal about brand strategy during the internet of things era. Haier was the first and the only brand listed in this category.

Since 2009, Haier has been listed in the Euromonitor International World’s First-class Brands of Home Appliances for 10 consecutive years, the only brand in the ranking’s history to receive this award 10 times in a row. Haier has developed from a catch-up stage to now surpass and lead, having transformed from a Global No 1 Home Appliance Brand to the Sole Global IoT Brand. Being recognized as the sole IoT ecosystem brand has brought Haier one great step closer toward its goal of creating the first world-class IoT model.

From Haier Appliance to Haier Smart Home

It is Haier’s philosophy that a brand is defined by the user. Haier’s brand definition is constantly evolving based on the iteration of best user experiences during each era.

According to estimates by experts, IoT is most likely to take off in the smart home sector. Haier’s smart home customization, with its four unique features – consistency in high-end packages, interconnectedness in real scenarios, integrity in full-house solutions, and iteration in super brain – is the absolute leader. Haier’s internet of food and internet of clothing are the leaders in defining international standards for IoT, paving the way for the full deployment of the IoT ecosystem in terms of technology and standards.

COSMOPlat industrial network platform

The customization experience offered by Haier’s IoT ecosystem is able to be continuously iterated, and absorb ecosystem partners to create the best user experiences. This is all thanks to Haier’s in-house industrial network platform COSMOPlat.

To date, COSMOPlat has nurtured 15 emerging ecosystems, including the internet of clothing, agriculture, RV, building ceramics and machinery. The model has been replicated in 11 territories and 20 countries, building a greater ecosystem for worldwide customers, encompassing sectors such as clothing, food, accommodation, travel, health, well-being, medical and education.

Haier has been designated by the world’s three major international standard organizations to lead the development of international standards for large-scale customization and other areas, positioning China’s industrial network as a frontrunner today.

Management model for the ecosystem brand: Rendanheyi

Haier believes that IoT is essentially the internet of people. The main reason behind the Haier ecosystem brand’s ability to cover traditional product brands and platform brands is that the Rendanheyi model is able to encompass the traditional management model.

The Rendanheyi model has been successfully applied across the US’ General Electric Co home appliances, New Zealand’s Fisher & Paykel, Japan’s Sanyo, Italy’s Candy and other international brands acquired by Haier, forming a greater ecosystem of international brands.

Being recognized as the world’s only IoT ecosystem brand demonstrates the success of Haier’s innovative Rendanheyi management model, and also brings new requirements to this model: namely, how to make sure the Rendanheyi model is aligned even more closely with the times and the general public during the IoT era, and how to support more enterprises to create their ecosystem brands.―China Daily

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