Haier invents outer-drum-free washing machine

At the AWE 2018 exhibition, Haier released outer-drum-free zero-cleaning washing machines. The structure design of removing the outer drum and leaving only the inner drum completely solved the dirty drum problem existing in the traditional washing machine, and truly achieved zero-cleaning. The small size and large capacity design has also brought good news to many families with a small apartment. For a long time, the dirty drum problem of washing machines has always been a problem that plagues the development of the industry. The root of it is that the structure of inner and outer drums of the traditional washing machine makes it easy for dirt attachment and bacteria breeding.

In addition to the iterative innovation of zero-cleaning technology, Haier’s outer- drum-free zero-cleaning washing machine has also expanded the washing capacity of the inner drum, so that the traditional 8 kg washing machine can wash 10 kg of clothes at a time, meeting the current users need for small-size and large-capacity washing machines. The washing machine has reached the leading level in terms of conventional parameters such as water consumption, power consumption, wear rate, cleanliness and noise value.

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