Haier Introduces Revolutionary IoT Enabled Smart Laundry Service In India

Haier has launched their smart laundry services in India. Haier has announced on August 30 via a press release to notify about their newest launch, the smart Laundry Service, which is also the industry’s first ever revolutionary loT enabled smart laundry service.

Haier is the global leader in Hope Appliances and consumer electronics and the No.1 brand in the world for significant appliances for nine consecutive years. Their lOT enabled smart laundry services is designed to change the way we wash clothes for good. The smart laundry service is a unique, smartphone-enabled laundry service, which has a fully automated loT implementation.

Haier has chosen Delhi’s Indraprastha College for Women as their first location to begin what could be a revolutionary service. The smart laundry installed at the Delhi college is to cater to all their registered students on the campus.  However, intending to seeing the results and how much at ease the students are with the service, Haier could roll out more centers across the country in the future.

The Haier Wash App controls the Haier smart laundry service. Users with the app on their smartphone can schedule, reserve and monitor their laundry service, as well as pay through the app itself. The idea is to provide an end to end digital washing experience, something that is set to become the pioneer in new age laundry services in the country.

The washing machine is connected to the cloud, so in this case, students of Indraprastha College for Women, using their Haier Wash App are to be assisted throughout the process and can individually manage their service. The app also reminds users when to take out the clothes or notify when the wash is over, as well as maintain a complete record of their wash history or usage. So now the students can wash their clothes on one side and multitask to finish other chores, simultaneously, while their clothes are being washed.

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Haier Appliances India’s President, Eric Braganza also left a word on the appliance brand’s inauguration of the latest smart laundry services said “This is a moment of great pride for us to achieve the milestone of setting up India’s first IoT enabled Smart Laundry service. As we progress further on Haier’s vision to become a global leader in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) through its Eco-brand strategy, our focus on creating smart solutions for the connected consumer is strengthening. This initiative is a step towards providing high tech, hassle-free laundry solution to today’s millennial who are fast adopters in this hyper-connected age.”

Haier is making advanced moves in the market with the purpose to bring about ease and convenience to their daily activities. Washing has always been time-consuming, many times rendering the user to have a continued focus on the washing activity. The Wash App is designed to assist and help the user maintain a timeline for their laundry needs, especially, bringing about ease and convenience to their washing experience, by thorough reminders, and managing the time to perform other work, all while their clothes are getting washed. – My Smart Price

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