Haier introduces facial recognition feature on its service app

Haier has recently launched face identification feature for its engineer mobile application. The new feature will ensure greater customer satisfaction and enhanced security by enabling identification of on-ground Haier engineers. The feature will be able to recognize, control, and verify the authenticity of a Haier engineer attending a customer request. This will make the service process more transparent and secure for the customers. Additionally, it will contribute to better time management, attendance, and services of the on-field workforce. The engineers will be required to login to the app through live facial recognition to match their existing credentials in the database.

The face recognition technology will work on real time basis and identify a registered service engineer. This would enable Haier in creating a pool of verified engineers to make the service offerings more effective and efficient. During the registration process, engineers will be required to do a series of real time facial gestures like blinking of eyes and head movement, among others. Once the authentication is done, it will offer a smooth interface to all the recognised working engineers to receive and attend customer queries.

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