Godrej QUBE, a personal food and beverage cooler

Godrej QUBE is a lifestyle product, powered by an advanced solid-state electronic cooling green technology that cools but does not freeze. Godrej is the first brand to launch this revolutionary technology for the Indian market. While all traditional cooling devices continue to rely on refrigerant-based cooling, the new Godrej QUBE is refrigerant-free, compressor-free, and works instead on a thermo-electric chip, making it more environment friendly as well.

Godrej has been working on developing unique applications using this advanced solid state electronic cooling technology. Given its superiority on multiple dimensions such as sustainability, efficiency, portability, smaller form factor, and the like, the brand leveraged this advanced thermoelectric cooling technology in QUBE, the newest addition to its product offerings. Most refrigerants cause global warming in varying degrees. The non-refrigerant advanced solid-state electronic cooling technology is, therefore, the most environment-friendly cooling solution.

One of its biggest advantages is that unlike all the other cooling solutions available in this segment, it is a zero-frost product, which means no defrosting hassles. The unique no-defrosting advantage, coupled with its compact footprint and relative storage capacity, silent operation and aesthetically appealing design, makes Godrej QUBE ideal as a personal food and beverage cooling device, suited for various living and workspaces, much beyond the kitchen – be it bedrooms or offices, shops or hotels, and hostels or guest houses.

QUBE comes packed with multiple other features like LED-lit interiors, stabilizer-free operation, compatibility with home inverter, magnetic auto door closure system, easy maintenance and service, and delivers the best-in-class performance and convenience to the users, while being 100 percent green and environment-friendly.

A blend of style and comfort, Godrej QUBE is a perfect little cooling device for your personal space.

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