Global TV streaming device universe reaches 1.1 billion

In its study of quarterly deployments of TV and video streaming devices across 27 major countries, the analyst examined the importance of TV streaming platforms and devices in the emergence of internet video services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. It found that streaming video is increasingly viewed on TV screens rather than mobile devices, particularly during the pandemic, and TV streaming platforms will become a dominant force in video streaming in many countries as demand for traditional pay-TV, broadcast and home video platforms declines.

The TV Streaming Platforms studyTV Streaming Platforms study calculated that the global population of TV and video streaming devices has now exceeded 1.1 billion. Samsung is the leading brand, with 14% of devices in use, followed by Sony (12%), LG (8%), Hisense (5%), TCL (5%) and Amazon (5%). The analysis also shows that the Tizen platform is the leading player in TV streaming, accounting for 11% of deployed devices, followed by WebOS (7%), PlayStation (7%), Roku OS (5%), Fire OS (5%), Android TV (4%) and Xbox (4%). Interestingly, the study noted that the platform environment was still relatively fragmented since many older, often proprietary systems are still in use.

“Over-the-top TV and video streaming to the TV is a complex and evolving landscape compared to mobile devices, where only two platforms dominate,” commented Strategy Analytics director David Watkins. “Content owners and developers need to consider carefully how to target their resources and strategy towards specific brands and platforms, since geographical deployment patterns vary enormously. Frequently updated, tactical tracking of platform deployments is a valuable tool in ensuring that services are reaching their highest potential audience.”-Rapid TV News

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