Global Meeting To Tackle Sustainable Cooling

The BEIS Conference Centre in London is to be the venue for a global event next month centred on sustainable, accessible cooling for all – without over-heating the planet.

Effective refrigeration is essential to preserve food and medicine. It underpins industries and economic growth, while air conditioning is key to sustainable urbanisation and human productivity and makes much of the world bearable – or even safe – to live in.

Organised by the University of Birmingham, the World Bank Group and the UK Department of Business Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the conference will bring together representatives and experts from governments, manufacturers, research and development organisations at the BEIS Conference Centre in London.

The workshop will explore key challenges around cooling for comfort and development: from reducing the need for artificial cooling, managing energy consumption and emissions of climate-damaging gases from refrigeration and air conditioning to the speed of bringing new technologies to market, through to novel business models and policy support, as well as tackling financing and skills shortages.

Marc Sadler, practice manager, climate funds management at the World Bank, said: “The work that we are supporting will help governments, cities, the private sector and the international community take the urgent actions needed to encourage efficient, affordable and sustainable cooling in developing countries. It will help to address the inequity of cooling access, reduce food loss, improve health, and combat climate change.”―Cooling Post

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