Global 8K Ultra HD TVs Market To Reach At Colossal CAGR Of 30.6 Percent

The classification of 8K Ultra HD TVs includes 65 Inch, 98 Inch and other, Global shipping numbers of 8K TVs are expected to grow from 2700 in 2015 to 911,000 in 2019. Some 80 percent of 8K TVs are expected to have 65-inch screens. 8K requires a very large screen or the higher resolution becomes invisible at normal viewing distances. The average screen size in the TV market has grown by an inch each year over the past decade, but it is still a long haul before sizes over 70 inches become commonplace.

8K Ultra HD TVs is widely used to treat Household, Commercial. Now, the most proportion of 8K Ultra HD TVs is used for commercial, But in the future, the family will be the main consumer, like today’s 4K Ultra HD TVs.

The global 8K Ultra HD TVs market is valued at 18500 million USD  in 2017 and will reach 119600 million USD by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 30.6 percent during 2018-2025.―Digital Journal

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