GEM Launches a Patented Three-Tub Washing Machine

GEM has recently launched its first ever patented three-tub semi-automatic washing machine by the name of Triomatic Washing Station. GEM conducted a nation-wide survey to understand the requirements of semi-automatic washing machine consumers, prior to the launch of the washing machine and received an overwhelming response. Triomatic Washing Station has a blend of glass top design, advanced technology, energy efficiency, and a great wash performance. Triomatic Washing Station has three tubs – one large washer tub with 9 kg wash capacity, one small washer tub with 2 kg wash capacity for washing baby’s clothes to ensure better hygiene conditions, and one large spin tub with 6 kg spin capacity.

The washing machine comes with a rust proof plastic body with a storage space in the front to store detergents and fabric softeners, among others. This storage space makes it a complete washing station with a strong double layer cabinet and castor design with four wheels, and minimum noise along with the mark of trusted quality and reliability. The company has set up a new manufacturing line for Triomatic Washing Station. GEM is planning to bring out more three-tub washing machine models with attractive glass tops in different capacity variants in the near future. The product is already available across leading retail stores in India.

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