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GE Appliances announces Alexa-powered washing machine

Can you never remember which setting on your washing machine is best for wool, and which is best for badly stained cotton?

If you’ve shrunk one jumper too many, maybe just telling your machine what you’re washing rather than relying on impenetrable dials is the way forward.

You’re able to tell the machine what type of fabric you’re washing and even what type of stain you’re trying to remove, and it will set the washer and dryer for your exact laundry needs.

It’s not just the voice control that’s smart either, with sensors monitoring dirt and detergent levels throughout the wash to continually optimize the settings.

And you can fill the washer with up to 50fl oz of detergent, which will automatically dispense into the wash at the right levels for your load.

The range includes two types of dryers as well as the washer, but only the washing machine has Alexa built in. The dryers are still smart though, linking to the washer to learn exactly what laundry is coming their way.

You’ll need to use the GE SmartHQ app to set it all up, and if you’re not currently in the market for this (pretty pricy) new model, then don’t worry – the Laundry Assistant Skill should also work with future smart washers, though you’ll need to add your own Echo speaker into the mix.

The GE Profile washer with Smarter Wash technology is available now for $1,299. The-Ambient

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