Fujitsu Adds Smallest 18 HP Unit

Fujitsu has introduced what it claims is the industry’s smallest 18hp outdoor unit to its Airstage J-III L commercial multi air conditioners.

Launched in Europe this month, the 18hp unit joins the existing 8 to 12hp J-III models introduced in 2017, and the 14 to 16hp J-III L added in March 2018.

In addition to its small size, the 18hp model achieves sound levels as low as 79dB. A low noise mode can reduce operating sound levels to a maximum of 70dB. This is achieved thanks to a new, larger 570mm fan design and the inclusion of a large capacity scroll compressor

It also requires 18 percent less refrigerant charge compared to Fujitsu’s existing model, to comply with EN-378.

New high density heats exchangers help keep the depth of the outdoor units to 480mm. In all, the installation area has been reduced by approximately 45 percent compared to existing models.

It can accommodate up to 42 indoor units. — Cooling Post

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