Foreign Electronics Makers Scramble To Improve AS Services

Foreign electronics and IT companies including Dyson are working to improve their after-sales services here based on the notion that quick responses to the product failures as well as quality of goods are essential to survive the competition with domestic firms such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, officials said Sunday.

Foreign companies have made efforts to increase the number of their after-sales service centers in Korea and reduce time required for repairing products that are out of order. By doing so, the firms are seeking to change negative perceptions that consumers have about foreign firms’ after-sales services.

British home appliance maker Dyson has operated improved after-sales services since last month, shortening waiting times on customer service by ensuring the repairs will be completed within 72 hours.

The firm also plans to open an after-sales service center under the direct management of the Korea branch soon.

The move comes as Dyson has faced criticism from consumers for its poor after-sales services though it has accounted for a large share of the country’s home appliance market on the back of the popularity of its cordless vacuum cleaners.

The firm has outsourced its after-sales services to Daewoo Electronics Service.

“We plan to open a service center under our direct management in the near future,” said a Dyson official.

The firm added it will also increase the number of technicians at repair centers by 30 percent and offer free delivery as long as products are within warranty.

Taiwan-based computer hardware company ASUS has enhanced its service networks by setting up 45 official service centers nationwide, including the ASUS Royal Club under direct management of the company.

At the ASUS Royal Club located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, the firm’s professional engineers offer counseling and repair services for the company’s products including gaming devices.

The firm is planning to consistently expand the ASUS Royal Club here.

In response to growing demand for the firm’s gaming brand ROG, the firm is planning to set up a service center specializing in ROG products within the ASUS Royal Club to offer more professional services.

The company also operates the ASUS Premium Care Service, which expands warranty periods to up to three years and offers on-site repairs or delivery services.

“After-sales services are important for PCs and laptops whose life-cycle is long,” said an ASUS official. “ASUS is working to enhance networks for our service centers and improve service quality through our distinguished premium care services.”―Korea Times

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