Flat-Panel Display Demand Draws Double-Digit Increase By In 2018

The business information provider calculated that the growth totaled 221 million square metres, with demand for OLED TV panels increasing by 65.6%, year-on-year, reaching 3 million square meters in 2018. LCD TV panel demand rose 10.7% to 154 million square meters during the same period.

“Growing popularity of 60-inch and larger TV panels contributed to the growth in overall TV panel area demand,” said Ricky Park, director of display research at IHS Markit. “Although uncertainties about the global economy grew in the second half of 2018, panel purchasing for the year-end hot season was better than expected. Lower prices fed a sharp increase in panel demand for TVs, smartphones and desktop monitors.”

However, despite the solid 2018, IHS Markit cautioned that the flat panel area demand for 2019, will grow 5.1%, slower than it did in 2018. A driver for this has been an economic forecast that IHS Markit recently revised downward, a phenomenon that the analyst says will partially contribute to slower growth in end-market demand.―Rapid TV News

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