FFalcon 2018 Global Partner Conference Points Out Intergrowth And Infinity As Next-Year OTT Ecosystem Development Strategy

FFalcon Technology officially launched its first global partner conference with the theme “Intergrowth And Infinity” Tony Guo, the CEO of FFalcon Technology, points out at the conference opening that, “science technology is the concentrated expression of universe objective laws on human values; humanity is the greatest spiritual satisfaction to an individual; business is the most efficient mechanism to bring ideals into reality meanwhile speeding up the process of enhancing the realization values. Previously, science technology, humanity, business is separated from each other, however in the new Internet era; they shall be mutually linked and integrated. That’s why FFalcon puts forwards its vision which is ‘let science technology help accelerate the evolution of human family life’”.

At the conference, FFalcon presented the 2018 Thunder Awards to outstanding partners. The Thunder Awards are the highest honor that FFalcon gave to its global partners. As a company with social responsibility, FFalcon Technology also is launching a public welfare project “FFalcon Care”. Tony states that the FFalcon Care project aims at providing help for autistic children, which also lines with the integration of humanity, technology and business.

FFalcon Technology endeavors to bring about an all-round and in-depth exchange and cooperation with partners in various fields around the world, to provide the consumers with more efficient and higher-quality products and experiences and together embrace the world of values to create a better future and realize its vision for ‘Intergrowth & Infinity’―AP News

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