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In line with the launch of their new global brand look, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Pvt. Ltd. (JCH-IN) has released a series of short films to strengthen the bond with the customer.

We are living in an environment where maintaining a perfect indoor climate becomes our top most priority to embrace a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. And, air conditioners have become one of the most important electronic products. JCH-IN has invested in perfecting air-conditioning experience. They have developed technologies that deliver a hugely superior air – the Hitachi Air.

Hitachi Air is Silent Air, Fresh Air, Clean Air, Odor-free Air, and Surround Air. The new air conditioner range uses intelligent technology that delivers air as fresh as nature. To connect and communicate this to their customers, the brand has developed films that show a fun take on everyday life of young couples and smartly connecting it with an aspect of Hitachi Air.

The entire campaign has been designed keeping in mind the life and preferences of young Indians, showcasing how well the brand understands their lifestyle needs. It has been designed on a light story-telling format which the viewer instantly identifies with. The no-dialogue format wonderfully brings out the message with just the expressions of the protagonist.

Silent Air. A young couple preparing to spend a romantic moment together are interrupted by noises around them – a squeaky duck ruins your luck, but you can at least enjoy Hitachi Silent Air. An AC designed (fan design) to reduce the unnecessary noise and give the much-desired peace and quiet!
Fresh Air. A kitchen setting where the wife puts in a lot of effort to perfect a dish and the husband trying to add his touch ruins the dish. Annoyed, the wife hands him a cookery book telling him to take on the task – start afresh.

Clean Air. A living room setting where the wife sees the husband sneaking in some messages and getting engrossed in watching TV. Wife checks the chat on husband’s phone as soon as he leaves it unattended and gets annoyed. Chat history not clean but you can at least enjoy Clean Air with Hitachi.
Odor-free Air. Husband out for an entertaining evening with friends, messages wife to make her believe he is working hard and long hours at office.

Even after an attempt to hide the odor, the doting wife smells his lies when he returns home. Hard to get away with smelly lies, but at least enjoy the Hitachi Odor-free Air. Innovative Soft Dry technology removes moisture from the coil and gives fresh odour-free air every time you turn on the AC.

Surround Air. An amusing video with the backdrop of a house. Wife calls out for her husband but is completely ignored by him. The husband is totally occupied working on his laptop and keeps ignoring her. In an attempt to tease him and get his attention she tries surround sound effect in the house, aping the echo effect in the mountains. Finally she thinks she has caught his attention, but he goes back to doing his work. Surround Sound Failed? At least enjoy Hitachi’s Surround Air. With intelligent engineering and ingenious design, Hitachi has been able to throw air across the room.

Hitachi Air Anthem. Feel it to believe it Hitachi’s Air Anthem is a short peppy number with a video of cheerful youngsters feeling larger than life with the backdrop of nature. Hitachi promises to deliver indoor air conditioning experience as fresh and peaceful as nature.

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