Eureka Forbes Re-Introduces Copper In Drinking Water

Health and hygiene company, Eureka Forbes Limited, has launched Dr Aquaguard with ‘activated copper maxx’, that the firm claims is a first-of-its-kind copper cartridge advanced technology that ensures presence of copper mineral in water.

The firm claims that with instant ionic fusion, the new product avoids the hassle of prolonged storing of water in copper vessels to get the benefits of copper in drinking water.

Equipped with technologies such as ‘clean free’, ‘release technology’, the firm says the product has benefits for all and makes drinking water safe for all age groups. It also claims that it is testified by reputed doctors.

MD and CEO, Eureka Forbes Limited, Marzin R Shroff, said, “As pioneers in water purification, for more than 35 years, we now want to take our offerings to the next level – nutrition combined with our leading purification technology. This is just the start. We are investing heavily in research and development to create revolutionary products such as NRICH with advanced technology like activated copper maxx. This copper cartridge may seem like a small change but the quality of water it provides makes all the difference to the water we drink. We strive to bring the best for our customers.”―News Today

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