Electrolux Unveils The Latest Front-Loading Washing Machine UltimateCare900

Sweden’s leading global home appliance maker Electrolux has launched FashionCare campaign for the 2nd consecutive year. The campaign revolutionizes traditional laundry method by offering consumers new experience with the latest washing machine series UltimateCare™900 and 800. With Electrolux’s signature SensorWash™ technology, the smart machine can detect dirt and adjust washing cycle automatically to ensure thorough cleanliness. Your clothes will stay newer for longer with bright, colorful charm that can be washed anytime. The innovative washing machine is applicable with the application Care Advisor™ that recommends the best washing program and the right amount of launder powder for different types of clothes and soiling.

Mr. Ratchata Suttapattanont, General Manager of Electrolux Thailand Co., Ltd. revealed that modern consumers indeed value function, quality and the brand’s reliability. For Electrolux, the brand has always focused its marketing on premium products with advanced innovation and technology. As Electrolux has always been market leader in premium front-loading washing machine segment, we continuously grow in line with an increasing trend. Customers tend to shift from top-load washing machines to the front-loading ones as they provide a thoroughly-clean job, are tender to clothes and can save water more than the top-load types by 50%.

To emphasize on the most tender for your beloved clothes, Electrolux has organized the campaign FashionCare for the 2nd consecutive year. The Swedish home appliance maker was inspired by consumers’ need to preserve their clothes, especially their favorite ones or the outfits that they need to wash regularly. After frequent wash, fading may occur, which inspired Electrolux to develop its latest washing machine products with the UltimateCare™ Series equipped with innovative technology for thorough cleanliness, the most-tender care for clothes and their bright colours. The brand has joined hands together with leading fashion designer Polpat Asavaprapa of ASAVA, Electrolux’ brand ambassador for Fabric Care Products in testing the innovative care from its latest front-loading washing machine UltimateCare900 in the campaign “Washing Machine for Fabric Lovers”

Washing machine and dryer products (Fabric Care) have received excellent feedback from the market, especially the over 9-kilogram capacity models. The launch of front-loading washing machine and dryer in UltimateCare Series is expected to enrich consumers’ new experience in laundry and deliver to them impressive results. As a result, this will render a robust growth to front-loading washing machine market. Also, as the PM2.5 dust particle situation makes dryer a better option than traditional method, Electrolux has then responded by increasing its products in line with various needs. Moreover, it has launched the campaign extending the motor’s warranty to 10 years with the goal to boost growth in this product group.

Mr. Phichet Limpatanachot, Product Manager for Fabric Care of Electrolux Thailand Co., Ltd., said that the latest front-loading washing machine series UltimateCare™900, 800, especially our premium “UltimateCare™900” model, provide the latest experience in laundry with Electrolux’s signature smart technology SensorWash™ that detects soiling level and detergent residue. The technology will extend the laundry cycle and increase the washing cycle automatically until it is thoroughly clean. Also, with the UltraMix™ technology, the detergent is well dissolved before being fed into the laundry compartment. As a result of this laundry in normal-temperate water, the level of cleanliness is equal to hot-water laundry without destroying fabrics. It also cleans the clothes even-more thoroughly, and preserve the clothes’ colours at 40% better possibility which is certified by the 52 time-washing cycles*. You can then be sure that your favorite clothes will always look newer and fresher.

Electrolux also advances a step forward with the smartphone application Care Advisor™ that provides recommended wash cycle and detergent for different types of fabric and soiling level to keep your favorite clothes newer for longer. Moreover, with Woolmark Blue Certification, your precious wool clothes will receive the best and the most tender care as well. The new UltimateCare™900 washing machine (EWF1141AEWA) is available since the beginning of April at 39,990 Baht.―The Nation

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