Electrolux Introduces Better Care For Clothes

With the aim of being able to help moms enjoy time with their families rather than worrying about how to take care of the laundry, Electrolux Philippines launches their newest line of UltimateCare washing machines.

“As a mom, I understand that many women still prefer to handwash certain items of clothing but we at Electrolux want to share that now, there is a washing machine that cares for your clothes and your family’s clothes as much as you do,” said Country Marketing Manager of Electrolux Andrea Pionilla.

“With the FashionCare Campaign, Electrolux wants to introduce a better way of taking care of our machine wash-sensitive clothes,” Pionilla continued.

“With the Electrolux UltimateCare washing machines and dryers, you not only get cleaning but fabric care that makes clothes look newer for longer,” she added.

Likewise, Electrolux Philippines product manager Erika Depositar explained that the UltimateCare washing machine is very user-friendly and it has different kinds of programs suitable for different kinds of fabric.

To showcase their UltraMix technology for better stain removal and fabric care, Filipino iconic fashion designer Rajo Laurel alongside FashionCare council members Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Janice Villanueva participated on a challenge where their clothes made from silk, wool, and other delicate materials were washed using the UltimateCare washing machine.

The UltimateCare washing machine was able to help retain the color, shape, and softness of the clothes which made it look good as new. – Manilla Bulletin

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