Electrolux Hungary Moves HQ To Promenade Gardens

The Hungarian branch of Electrolux set up its 1730 square-meter headquarters this month in Promenade Gardens, a recently completed office building on Budapestʼs Váci út office corridor.

The ground floor of Horizon Developmentʼs building accommodates Electroluxʼs offices, showrooms and presentation space.

“We dreamed big when opting for Promenade Gardens,” said András Tamássy, Electroluxʼs general manager for the south CEE sales area. “The business imperative to maintain our competitive advantage required the building to meet the Electrolux A-standard, a category in which Promenade Gardens clearly overachieved.”

Tamássy added that the Budapest headquarters will be among the highest quality within the CEE region, both in terms of aesthetics and technical quality.

“We were extremely pleased to be able to offer the best office solution for Electrolux, where they can continue to provide best-in-class consumer experience in the appliance sector and develop even further,” said Attila Kovács, Horizon Developmentʼs managing partner, welcoming the new tenant. “Along the entire development process, we worked with the same dedication to create a top-quality office building on the Hungarian commercial property market.”— Budapest Business Journal

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