Electrolux Anticipates 15 Percent Growth In Aircon Market

The company said its new Vita+ inverter air conditioner features an advanced Active Pure filtration system that reduces harmful bacteria by 99 percent to best protect your health and wellbeing, provide fresher and purer air together with efficient energy use.

Ratchata Suttapattanon, General Manager of Electrolux Thailand, said: “The air conditioner market suffered a downturn and shrank by 4.2 percent in the previous year. However, this year the market is expected to dramatically expand given the high level of pollution in the urban area and the rising heat affecting people’ wellbeing. Therefore, consumers are looking for a product that delivers both health and environmental benefits.

“Electrolux products are divided into three main categories, in line with consumer’s different lifestyles: Taste (for kitchen appliances), Care (for fabric care products) and Wellbeing (for home care products; air-conditioners and water heaters). Air conditioning products are included in the Wellbeing category and ranked fifth in sales of all Electrolux products.

“Among the key factors leading to consumers decision are, brand loyalty, diverse product features that benefit different lifestyles, use of space, design, quality and promotions. We believe Electrolux products ticks all boxes,” Ratchata said.

According to Demand Analysis, Smart Appliances are consumers’ first choice since they improve daily experiences and match urban lifestyles. Indeed, they embody Electrolux vision “Shape living for the better” which is aimed at offering the latest innovations and a range of advanced features that come with energy saving mode. Electrolux makes use of big data to identify consumers behavior and come up with products that fit their needs.

“Mass premium” makes it still the key target group that takes product quality and brand loyalty into great consideration. Electrolux makes use of both its online and offline platform to reach out to consumers. The offline platform accounts for 95 percent of total sales while the online is around 5 percent. The digital transformation is foreseen to bring the rate to over 10 percent.

Electrolux’s latest inverter air conditioner, Vita+, features an advanced Active Pure filtration system that reduces harmful bacteria and harmful Viruses such as, H1N1 and H3N2 influenza by 99 percent in just seven stages. GoldTech shield, with improved heat exchange, provides optimum protection against corrosion for longer-lasting performance. I-Clean offers automatic professional cleaning, I-Feel remote sensor control detects the ideal room temperature while I-favor maintains your chosen temperature. Lastly, X-FAN prevents mildew and moisture build-up.

Vita+ also runs on eco-friendly R32 refrigerant which allows for no ozone depletion and accounts for 68 percent lower emissions than the standard conditioning product.―THE NATION

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