EESL To Launch Super-Efficient AC Program With BSES

EESL a joint venture of four public sector enterprises–will conduct all activities related to the source, supply, complaint management and redressal, and the fulfillment of warranty obligations for the products.

With the programme, EESL endeavours to distribute air conditioners that are 40 percent more efficient but priced comparably with the 3-star ACs currently available in the market.

It will mobilize Rs 150 crore for the programme while redeeming its investment through upfront payments from customers.

Besides promoting energy efficiency, the programme will help reduce the peak power demand in the south and west Delhi by 22 MW, enabling the two organizations to harness synergies to promote energy security and sustainability.

We are endeavouring to not only redefine standards for efficiency and widen the gamut of energy efficient appliances available to Indian consumers but to also significantly improve upon our previous efforts to make these technologies universally and conveniently accessible, said EESL Managing Director Saurabh Kumar.

The programme addresses the prospect of a nearly four-fold increase in energy consumption from buildings and cooling appliances in India by 2032, while also addressing goals of India’s Cooling Action Plan and Hydrochlorofluorocarbons Phase Out Management Plan, enabling achievement of India’s targets under the Kigali and Paris Agreements.

During the event, EESL also launched its e-commerce website EESLmart.in through which customers can purchase the super-efficient air conditioners.―New Kerala

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