Display CapEx To Average USD 13 Billion From 2019 To 2022

DSCC released their Q318, Quarterly Display CapEx and Equipment Service report, in which they showed 2016-2018 spending averaging USD 22 billion per year, and 2019-2021 spending dropping to an average of USD 13 billion per year due to the anticipated excess in both smartphones and TV capacity. They report that CapEx peaked in 2017 and could drop to as low as USD 9.8 billion in 2021. The forecast is somewhat different then the public statement made by Applied Materials CEO, who forecasted a drop in 2018, but a pick up in 2019. Over the period from 2019-2022, China represents 82 percent of the capex, Korea 16 percent and Japan 2 percent. Despite the reduction in OLED CapEx, the cancelling of Samsung’s gigantic A5 Gen 6 fab, and the growth in Gen 10.5 LCD fabs, OLED CapEx still exceeds LCDs by 38 percent from 2018 to 2022; 42.4 billion to 30.8 billion, respectively. – OLED Association

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