Delhi discom BSES new scheme to curb pollution from old AC, electric devices

In a new power saving scheme, the BSES power companies in the national capital have offered to replace the old air conditioners and electric fans of the residents with their energy efficient models. The scheme under which the residents will be able to avail the maximum discount of up to 64% and 67% on ACs and electric fans, has been launched for the residents of South, West, East and Central Delhi, according to an Indian Express report. The new models which would be provided in lieu of the old electricity guzzling devices will be 5 star rated and highly efficient and cause less pollution.

In a formal statement, the BSES said that the fan replacement scheme has been launched for consumers in South and West Delhi so far and will soon be launched in East and Central Delhi.

As per the scheme, the BRPL consumers in South and West Delhi will be eligible to replace a maximum of three electric fans. The scheme is a limited period scheme and consumers will be able to get hold of energy efficient fans on a first come first serve basis till the stock lasts. Even those customers who have no old fans to replace will be allowed to buy upto two electric fans. The BSES in its statement said that apart from the huge discount that the consumers are getting on new ACs and fans, the new model would also save upto 1,000 units annually for a household.

Interested consumers can visit the website of the BSES or dial the helpline number to know more about the scheme. The BSES spokesperson added that the reduction in the consumption of electricity will not only benefit the consumers but also help the finances of the discom as it would have to purchase less power.-Financial Express

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