Daiwa launches washing machines with a dual roto rub pulsator

Daiwa has expanded its range of consumer durables with the semi-automatic top-load washing machine 6.5 kg D65SWM18, catering to the tier-II and tier-III markets. Designed with a sturdy build and dynamically durable exterior, the washing machine comes in the signature design of distinct wash and drain tub along with a transparent, paneled plastic lid for convenience. With a powerful dual roto pulsator, the machine has a large capacity and is equipped with a higher spin speed and lower drying time. Moreover, the lint filter captures the lint or any hard dirt that is released from the clothes while washing.

This new unveiling also introduces a wide yet new array of thermal protectors which protects the motor from impact resistance. It is designed to prevent dangerous overheating that causes motor failure. The rust-proof body is the crux with the configuration of high-quality plastic which endures heavily humid climate without getting corroded. Also, its robust exterior assures longevity. In the shade of maroon, this semi-automatic washing machine is available in leading stores across Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Delhi.

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