Daiwa Launches Affordable 4K TVs

Daiwa has introduced affordable 4K smart TVs, D55UVC6N and D50UVC6N. The new 4K TVs feature a screen resolution of 3840×2160 and A+ grade panel that brings 1.07 billion colors and vivid details. The TVs come with screen capture, comb filter, and picture enhancement feature that enhance the picture quality, besides built-in box speaker technology Dolby sound. The built-in high-performance speakers, features a surround sound and output power of 20W. The TVs powered either on or off, the 360-degree design blends with any room décor with its minimalistic bezel and clean back design.

The 4K smart TVs, with the Android support, bring the simplest TV interface that optimizes to bring a seamless experience, with several pre-loaded entertainment apps. Additionally, 1GB RAM improves the performance and buffering of TV while watching and streaming online. 8GB storage facilitates downloading more apps TV to respond immediately. Furthermore, the models assists the power audio volume, eco vision reduces power consumption for enhanced contrast that reduces on-screen noise. With the help of M Cast, one can cast a smart device’s screen on the TV via E-Share. There is also a multitude of connectivity options for three distinct HDMI inputs, allowing one to connect laptop and gaming console, among others. This all-for-one and one-for-all TV also has two USB inputs as well. For an enhanced internet connectivity option, the Ethernet port is also available in the TV.

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