Daikin Provides A Perfect Finish

Daikin Industries is now offering its Japanese customers textured finishes on its Risora range of wall-mounted residential air conditioners.

In a joint initiative with Nagoya-based interior materials manufacturer Sangetsu, Daikin can now reproduce the texture of wood grain, marble, leather, etc, on the front panel of Risora units.

Sangetsu is Japan’s largest interior specialist. It offers a wide range of interior materials such as wallpaper, flooring and curtains that are essential for interior design.

Launched in March 2018, Risora is only 185mm deep, making it one of the thinnest indoor units available. Praised for its design and functionality in Japan and abroad, the Risora was awarded the Good Design Award in 2017 and the international iF Design Award in 2018.

In addition to seven standard colors, Risora now includes 10 textures such as leather, stone grain, Japanese paper or wood grain.

Daikin employs Sangetsu’s Reatec decorative film which is bonded by vacuum on to the front surface.

No that this is the first time that Daikin has offered a choice of different textured finishes. In 2015, Daikin Italy offered limited edition of 30 different faux leather finishes on its Emura air conditioners.―Cooling Post

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