Daikin Innovations Advance Air Intelligence At AHR Expo 2019

Revolutionary products and experiences are at the center of Daikin’s presence at this year’s AHR Expo. The Daikin booth will highlight new, advanced residential and commercial HVAC equipment for providing superior air to end-users. Daikin’s Innovation Roadshow trailer also made the trip to Atlanta and is featured as an interactive demonstration of Daikin’s industry-leading commercial HVAC solutions, for show attendees to experience Daikin’s advanced technology first-hand.

“Daikin is invested in the next generation of HVAC technology by continuously creating innovative solutions for improving building efficiency,” said Mike Schwartz, CEO of Daikin Applied Americas. “With the Innovation Roadshow trailer, we are able to give visitors a unique and immersive experience with the latest Daikin technology. Customers can dive into the products and fully experience how buildings of all sizes can benefit.”

The debut of new Daikin One Ecosystem
With the introduction of the Daikin One ecosystem, Daikin is up-ending the status quo in the HVAC market, where players have been conservative in adopting IoT technologies and, until recently, relegated leadership in the smart thermostat category to consumer electronics brands.  At the heart of the new Daikin, One ecosystem is the new Daikin One+ smart thermostat, engineered to communicate seamlessly with all Daikin One ecosystem components, including the new Daikin Fit condensing units, Daikin One air cleaners, and communicating furnaces and evaporator coils.

The new Daikin One+ smart thermostat is the first smart thermostat to offer full two-way communications and serves as a cloud-connected hub and controller for sophisticated, communicating HVAC systems. In combination with Daikin’s smart inverter HVAC systems, such as the new Daikin Fit systems, the Daikin One ecosystem of indoor air quality modules provides an unparalleled, integrated solution for temperature control and air quality. It allows people to “Visualize the Air” inside their home and reacts on cues to provide a premium indoor air environment. That’s “Air Intelligence™.”

The Daikin Fit system provides a cost-competitive condensing unit in the mid-efficiency category with clear design and performance advantages. Daikin Fit condensing units are engineered with high performing, quiet inverter compressors and side discharge cabinet designs that are smaller, lighter and quieter than traditional residential unitary outdoor condensing units and provide efficiencies up to 18 SEER.

“This past year, Daikin has again engineered revolutionary HVAC technologies for the North American market. As we move into 2019, the Daikin team looks to find more success by continuing to drive Air Intelligence with new HVAC technology,” said Takayuki (Taka) Inoue, Executive Vice President and President, Daikin North America LLC.

New VRV products from Daikin include the following:

  • New VRV LIFE™ System The VRV LIFE system is the industry’s first single-phase VRV heat pump with optional gas furnace connectivity for residential applications. The system offers solutions to some of the traditional HVAC challenges for single-family applications. The slim, quiet, inverter-driven VRV LIFE system outdoor unit can accommodate up to nine indoor units with multiple ducted and ductless styles for design and application flexibility. All indoors can be controlled and integrated using Wi-Fi-based controls.
  • New VRV IV X Heat Recovery SystemDaikin’s new VRV IV X heat recovery systems adapt Daikin’s industry-leading VRV technology to the uniquely North American HVAC market. VRV IV X is the industry’s first VRV system to be engineered and assembled in North America. VRV IV X systems are packed with features that provide solutions to traditional commercial HVAC challenges of North America. VRV IV X heat recovery systems are engineered with features that provide ease of configurability and optimal total life-cycle cost for multi-phased installations and buildings with changing applications. VRV IV X systems are the industry’s first dual fuel, 3-phase, VRV systems. The ability to integrate VRV IV X systems with Daikin communicating gas furnaces provides a choice of the heat pump or gas heating. The VRV IV X systems are also the first in the industry to simultaneously launch 208/230V, 460V, and 575V systems.

Other new applied products from Daikin include the following:

  • OptiLine Hydronic Vertical Stacked Fan CoilWith the smallest footprint in the industry, Daikin’s new OptiLine is the ideal solution when livable space is at a premium. Engineered for high-rise apartments, office buildings, dormitories, and hotels, OptiLine provides new levels of quiet, comfortable, and economical heating and cooling in a very slender package. Daikin engineers designed OptiLine to efficiently condition air from 300 to 1200 cfm, optimally matching a building’s space restrictions and efficiency needs.
  • PreciseLine Large Capacity Blower CoilDaikin’s large capacity horizontal blower coil affordably conditions air to precise levels up to 5000 cfm, designed to match a building’s air handling demand at a blower coil price point. PreciseLine offers a wide range of standard features that set this blower coil above the rest. Standard double-wall foam construction provides high energy efficiency and budget-minded lifetime performance, all while conditioning air for large spaces in a small package to meet a wide range of building designs.
  • Daikin Applied Rebel  Commercial DOAS with CORE Enthalpy Energy Ventilator
  • Rebel DOAS with CORE pairs the ultra-high efficiency of Rebel’s inverter compressor, which maintains extremely consistent tempering of the ventilation air, with energy savings of the CORE ‘s full enthalpy heat exchanger, to provide clean, cool, dry air to the occupied space. The perfected combination of these technologies allows the HVAC installer to provide the highest quality of conditioned fresh air for most applications while not having to compromise energy efficiency.
  • Daikin Intelligent Solutions Daikin’s Intelligent Equipment connects directly to 150 points on rooftop units and 350 points on air-cooled chillers to monitor energy consumption at the equipment level for deeper, more accurate performance measurement. Daikin Intelligent Systems can connect up to 127 total devices in a system, with easy-to-use controls, to achieve high performance and efficiency at a building system level.
  • Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers with advanced compressor technology Daikin’s Pathfinder (air-cooled) and Magnitude (water-cooled) chillers are both available with compressor technology to maximize efficiency. Magnitude chillers are up to 40 percent more efficient than standard centrifugal chillers with oil-free, magnetic bearing compressor technology. Pathfinder AWV features the industry-first Variable Volume Ratio (VVR) technology which allows the chiller’s compressor to optimize performance for every condition and at every hour of the day, significantly improving efficiency levels.
  • 100 percent outside air water source heat pumps Daikin’s SmartSource DOAS 100 percent outside air water source heat pump offers superior discharge air temperature and humidity control at an economical price. Its unique design allows for 100 percent outside air heating down to 0°F entering air without the use of pre-heat.―PR Newswire
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