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Customer connection journey in India

It is important to see the world as customers do. One must start with basic touchpoints and then move toward crafting a journey. To maximize customer satisfaction, one must work out the touchpoints/necessities in detail. The idea is to work upon the customer’s end-to-end journey. It is important to ensure that the customer is happy with the services when they connect with our product, customer service, and sales staff. Mitsubishi Electric balances marketing goals with customer perspective.

Mitsubishi Electric India started its journey in India in the year 2010. The company has successfully completed its 9 years in India. Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

The focus of Mitsubishi Electric has always been to connect with the customers and dealers in the most effective way. Always trying to keep ahead of market and competitors, the company has diligently worked toward creating a diverse image and form pro-active service approach.

This approach resulted in setting up of exclusive concept-based showrooms, where the objective
was to develop and increase the brand visibility thereby making customer engagement in each corner of India.

Following the progressive approach, Mitsubishi Electric opened its first MEQ Hiroba in the year 2013 and MEQ Cooling Planet in the year 2014. The exclusive concept-based showrooms are – MEQ Cooling Planet and MEQ Hiroba, where MEQ stands for Mitsubishi Electric Quality – the company gave an opportunity to the customers to touch and feel the products. Lying at the core of company’s business, the MEQ promises the best experience in our products, services, partnerships, and people.

Customer connect – Launching MEQ Hiroba and MEQ Cooling Planet
Mitsubishi Electric exclusive concept-based showroom reflects the company’s philosophy of creating an environment of trust and quality. The word Hiroba is derived from a Japanese word, which means a small place or plaza where people gather. The first MEQ Hiroba was inaugurated in the year 2013 in association with one of our esteemed business partners, Airwell Cooling Equipment, Panaji, Goa.

The concept-based showrooms were opened to target B2C customers in the market. Encouraging residential and commercial customers to have a touch and feel of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners, these showrooms display and sell our entire range of air-conditioning products room air conditioners (RAC). Till now, Mitsubishi Electric has opened 100 MEQ Hiroba(s) across the country and many more are yet to come.

The concept of Hiroba was that any shop with a minimum 125 sq. ft. of area is eligible to get converted into Hiroba. The MEQ Hirobas are generally spread over the area of 200 to 250 sq. ft. In a view to expand and showcase commercial range, the company came up with the concept of MEQ Cooling Planet, which is spread over the area of 700 to 1000 sq. ft. Targeted at B2B, the first MEQ Cooling Planet was opened in 2014 at South City Aircon, Delhi.

These large-format exclusive showrooms give an experiential touch and feel of wide range of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners, including room air conditioners, packaged air conditioners, city multi VRF systems, jet towels, and air curtains. As of now, there are 40 MEQ Cooling Planet(s) across the country and company aims to expand the numbers in coming years.

The idea of choosing these names – Hiroba and Cooling Planet – was to connect the customers with the Japanese technology and to create unique presence in the market. Cooling Planets majorly act as the experience zone for B2B audience, whereas Hirobas act as an experience zone for B2C audience.

Pledge for better after-sales service experience
In a purview to impart continuous support toward best post-sales services, Mitsubishi Electric India has inaugurated MEQ Senmonka. The exclusive service provider MEQ Senmonka would be the one-stop solution for all of Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioning products. Mitsubishi Electric has taken this initiative toward enhancing post-sale service and building long-lasting relationship with its customer. Senmonka is a Japanese word, which means specialist and MEQ Senmonka would act as a specialist to facilitate the customer experience and engagement for all service-related queries and to provide assistance.

The first exclusive service showroom was opened in Ludhiana, Punjab, in the year 2018. Till now, we have opened four MEQ Senmonkas in the cities of Ludhiana, Mehsana (Gujarat), Mumbai, and Ghaziabad.

Further, Mitsubishi Electric India has plans to open these kind of exclusive service providers across India as a key step toward strengthening the company’s image to establish itself as a main player in the consumer air conditioners segment. These exclusive service providers will facilitate the after-sales service of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning products to the customers.
Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems is strongly building up its sales and service team – as of now the team strength stands at 207.

Our growth journey
As a premium player, Mitsubishi Electric feels confident because of its products, services, quality of showrooms, and dedication of its channel partners. This is the reason that the company is looking to maximize the number of showrooms by targeting all the major and minor markets. Even while increasing the network, the company will not compromise on any of the deliverables like quality, after-sales support, and the like, and ensure that the brand is the most premium air-conditioning brand in India.

Strategizing the launch of the showrooms in metro cities, Mitsubishi Electric is now extending the showrooms space in Tier-II and Tier-III towns as well. One can locate these showrooms near the electronic markets of any city, which is a prime location. The showrooms are designed to give customers a live demo of products so that they feel confident when they buy anything from the exclusive stores.

Mitsubishi Electric Living Environment sales and service network comprises 19 branch offices, 16 satellite offices, 850 specialist sales and service dealers (SSDs), and more than 140 exclusive showrooms in India. In coming years, Mitsubishi Electric India has plans to open these kinds of centers across India as a key step in contributing skill development and enhancing product know-how.

Challenges in networking
In the initial years of journey, the company faced challenges pertaining to generating awareness about its air conditioning products and services among the customers and establishing a presence in the market. The company was facing hurdles in channelizing the delivery of the products and managing dealer-to-dealer association.

Partnering India’s dream to be No.1
The company is tremendously working toward providing the best-class services in air conditioning systems. The steps are undertaken to partner with India and provide comfort. Our stance for the quality and trust is holding our goodwill, as any customer who is exploring the market to buy a new AC is seeing the brand and exploring it too.

For now, sale is secondary for the strongest premium player and customer’s brand awareness is our top priority. Good quality results in longer life of the product and reduction of e-waste generated.

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