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Cruise Appliances wins the ‘Most Promising Brand of the Year’

Cruise Appliances is the first air conditioning brand to be named the “Most Promising Brand of the Year” at the 2nd edition of the Silver Feather Awards. Beating the competition and making a mark in the smart AC space in India, Cruise has managed to deliver lakhs of air conditioning products with the best customer satisfaction ratings.

Roshan Sirohia of Cruise was also awarded as the ‘Young CEO of the Year (under 35)’ for his contribution and dynamic leadership style. He has been at the forefront of product design in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries and has led the Cruise Group to its pioneering position in the country’s burgeoning homegrown air-conditioners space.

Cruise’s Managing Director, Paras Sirohia was there to receive the “Most Promising Brand of the Year ” award from Bollywood personality and entrepreneur Ms Aditi Govitrikar. This award was presented for consistently meeting customer demands with smart heavy-duty ACs and timely service throughout the year, despite challenges faced on production delays and restrictions on the movement of the workforce. Even in these taxing circumstances, Cruise had an amazing turnaround record of fulfilling more than 87% percent of installation and service requests within 72 hours.

Speaking to the esteemed audience, Paras Sirohia shared his words of honour on the journey of Cruise through the pandemic and the milestones ahead with the audience. He thanked everyone for trusting and believing in them, their company, and their people. “With the second wave of the virus hitting during the peak season for the HVAC industry, 2021 has been a challenging year. However, we have managed to come out stronger by engaging with our dealers digitally and servicing our products and customers online. I would like to thank the jury, fans, customers, and everyone who was part of making us the Brand of the Year,’’ he added.

With an education in Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London and his time working at Arup London and Tata, Pune – the Young CEO of the Year – Roshan Sirohia has always strived for small but transformational changes using design thinking. Under his vision and leadership, the company has more than doubled its revenues since 2015 with a strong recall of the brand as the Air Expert since 1992.

Roshan Sirohia, Director, Cruise Appliances said, “Thank you and it feels great to be acknowledged. I would say that as leaders of tomorrow, we have the responsibility to collectively inspire the older and the younger generation. As we know, in family-run businesses, it’s hard to get the notions of the old and the new to work together. Yet, we hope to get through the journey and cross the finish line together.”

‘Invest in Yourself’ is their belief to improve the quality of life with premium air conditioning technology and see it as a long-term investment. Due to its smart features, leading Bollywood celebrities also choose Cruise’s PortaQool portable AC as their trusted work partner on and off due to its design on wheels and the 4-in-1 air conditioning modes. Live Mint

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