Creard is the Brand Name for Daikin’s Low GWP Products

Daikin America has revealed that Creard will be the brand name for Daikin’s lower GWP refrigerants. Daikin’s R407H, the company’s lower GWP replacement for R404A will be the first product to use the Creard brand. In addition to refrigerants, the Creard brand will also be used for blowing agents, solvents, and propellants. While the announcement has been made by Daikin’s US subsidiary, the trademark was registered internationally by the Japanese parent company in October 2017. Following its European launch in March, test samples of R407H were made available to US OEMs in July.

Creard R407H has been listed by the US EPA SNAP Program for use in retail food refrigeration for remote condenser applications operating between 0.3 and 5.7 cooling tons and rejecting heat outside of the evaporating environment. R407H is an A1 refrigerant with a GWP of 1495 – 62 percent lower than R404A. It is considered by Daikin as an economical retrofit with limited modifications.

In comparative tests, conducted by various equipment manufacturers and universities, R407H is said to have exhibited an equivalent efficiency to R404A at low temperature, and efficiency improvements at medium temperature. It also has working pressures similar to R404A.

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