Covestro, Haier To Digitalize Appliance Production

Haier Group and Covestro, polymer manufacturer, have agreed to set up a joint laboratory in Qingdao, China, for the digitalization of appliances production. The project will be supported by the Haier Institute of Industrial Intelligence. The laboratory will develop digital solutions for using polyurethanes in appliance production – in line with Covestro’s digitalization strategy. The objective is to set a new benchmark for digitalizing the chemical industry.

In the new Haier-Covestro Digitalization Joint Laboratory, both partners want to develop innovative solutions for data collection and analysis, monitoring foam quality and process workflows, and continuously optimizing processes. These innovative measures will continuously improve the polyurethane foaming and manufacturing process, improve foam quality and reduce manufacturing costs. This will open up new opportunities for the appliance industry in an increasingly digitalized world.

Both companies want to enter into a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership, by continuously developing innovative digital solutions. Empowered by COSMOPlat, digital solutions can also be applied to the development of customized solutions for diversified polyurethane applications so as to achieve mass customization. As an important initiative of Covestro’s global digital strategy, the lab will focus on developing digital solutions related to polyurethane materials to push forward smart manufacturing in appliances and mass customization in the chemical industry.

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