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Corning Takes Legal Action Against AvanStrate

Corning has announced it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Taiwan against AvanStrate Taiwan Inc, a manufacturer of LCD glass substrates.

In the lawsuit filed with Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Court, Corning accuses AvanStrate of infringing its Taiwan Patent No. 570901 related to the manufacture of glass substrates using the manufacturing process claimed in the patent.

The US-based company also has filed a patent infringement suit against AvanStrate Korea Inc. in Seoul Central District Court for infringement of Korean Patent Nos. 1230754, 1296484, and 0762054.

Corning is seeking orders restraining AvanStrate from making glass using processes that allegedly infringe on the company’s patents related to glass substrate manufacturing.

Corning said its fusion process is a tightly controlled, proprietary manufacturing process that allows the company to produce thin, lightweight, and flexible glass. Digitimes

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