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Hitachi is India’s largest selling Japanese air conditioning brand. With 30 years of legacy of innovative technology and superior cooling in India, Hitachi is one of the premium air conditioning companies with a strong hold of the Tier-I market. After the inception of Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd., the brand has been working aggressively toward becoming the No. 1 HVAC company in India and marketing has been an important aspect of its strategy.

The company focused on creating a marketing model that emphasizes on providing solutions to its customers rather than just selling them. During the year, it wanted to promote inverter air conditioners and focused on bringing the advanced inverter technology to Tier-II and Tier-III markets as well. To do so, it developed a wide range of inverter ACs that suited the needs of the Indian consumers. With this core thought, the AC campaign did Every Home Deserves Hitachi Inverter AC campaign. This resonated with its core brand values of bringing harmony and comfort in the consumers’ lives.

In a category that highly relies on features and offers, it chose to come from an insight that stems from real-life, everyday situations. It understands that people today, want products which are energy efficient, smart and eco-friendly, but these products should also be cost efficient as well. The brand introduced expandable inverter AC series that expands its capacity when the load on the AC increases either due to harsh summers or due to more people in the same room. To bring alive this thought to the consumers, the brand conveyed it with the line – Kabhi Kabhi Zyada Ke Liye Zyada Nahi Chaiye Hota (sometimes it does not take much to get much more) – a line that is easily relatable and helps build a strong connect with the audience in the two TVCs. Both TVCs were developed to capture everyday moments that bring this idea alive. To build affinity in South, the brand roped in the leading south Indian actress Samantha Prabhu who plays the protagonist in the ad commercial.

Bindi TVC. The first film has Samantha portraying the role of a girl-next-door, getting ready in front of the mirror. While she can go for an over-the-top look, she chooses a simple black bindi instead to enhance her beauty. Her smile in the end conveys that even a small gesture can make a huge difference.

Tired TVC. In the second film, we see Samantha coming back home extremely tired. As she sits on the sofa, her husband sitting right next to her pushes the center table toward her, so she can keep her legs on it and relax. Communicating that, little gestures of our loved ones can make a lot of difference.

The marketing campaign was promoted heavily. The company used multiple communication platforms like TV, print, and outdoor media to achieve cut-through in a highly competitive industry. We promoted the digital and in-store are two important mediums that add to the brand’s value and drive conversion. With this strategy, the company took the campaign to a new level by adding innovation on these fronts. The company extended ATL campaign’s brand building elements into in-shop retail branding with innovative digital branding elements. The Who is Suraj Chakravarty campaign went viral on social media and was widely appreciated.

A focus on innovation and strong marketing communications drove the core brands’ growth, while a range of distribution channels helped the company reach the products to the far-flung corners of the country. The inverter ACs were sold 5x over last year and the company aims to continue growing in the future with effective marketing exercise coupled with a robust distribution network and innovative products.

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