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Choosing the right water heater – Safety first!

As the mercury drops and we begin to feel the nip in the air, we know that it is time to take stock of our winter home appliances, like electric heating devices including water and room heaters. Water heater indeed is a winter necessity and no one can deny this fact. There is nothing more comforting than owning a geyser at your disposal during the numbing winters.

Gone are the days, when one had to switch on the geyser in advance before stepping into the shower. Today’s fast-paced life demands a quick solution, time spent waiting is considered as time wasted. Keeping in mind the evolving lifestyle of the consumers, Haier has always come up with innovative solutions for its consumers. Haier’s range of water heaters offer not just warm water instantly but are also loaded with new-age features and ensures safety of the consumers.

Haier’s technologically advanced water heaters are locally manufactured at the company’s industrial park in Ranjangaon, Pune that produces half a million units of water heaters annually. In fact, Haier is one of the leading global manufacturers and sellers of water heaters. With several factories around the world, we are dedicated to innovating the safest, healthiest, highly durable, and most energy efficient water heaters for our consumers.

With the era of smart home appliances piloting upward, the electric water heaters market is gradually evolving with time. With the category being a seasonal product, it is bought as one- or a two-time investment, making it important for the brands to approach the customers in the correct manner, right at the first-go. Customers consider a lot of factors before picking the best electric water heaters for their homes. Apart from budget and aesthetics, there has been increasing awareness on the other important features of a water heater that helps customers make the right choice.

One of the key factors, we believe, while choosing the right water heater for one’s home is safety. And therefore, a water heater that ensures a risk-free and safe user experience becomes one of the biggest deciding factors for customers. Haier’s industry-first unique patented technology – Shockproof Technology – is designed especially for particular areas in a bathroom having electricity issues, such as lack of earth wires, improper wiring connections, and electricity leakage, which can result into a fatal accident. In addition, our Shockproof technology system plays as a resistor between the water heater and human body, which reduces the intensity of the current passing, thereby ensuring maximum safety.

Moreover, in the current scenario as water pollution is increasing at a fast pace, people are facing health issues arising from the usage of impure water. When it comes to family, one would want to pick the best of all choices to keep them healthy and happy. At Haier, to address these challenges, we integrated our water heaters with an Intelligent Bacteria Proof System (iBPS), a revolutionary technology that makes the water heat up to 80°C, killing the harmful legionella bacteria.

With winters right around the corner, recently, we introduced our new spa water heaters range, which comes in three variants, i.e., Spa Mechanical, Spa Electra, and Spa Wi-Fi. Available in white, ivory, and champagne gold colors in 15 and 25 liters, respectively, the range comes with unique features to best suit the needs of the modern consumer and their contemporary bathrooms. Equipped with features, such as smart memory, timer, remote control functions, smartphone app-enabled features, LED display, and many more exciting additions, this all new range can surely give anybody’s bathroom an aesthetical uplift with its suave design and the bold features.

At Haier, innovation and creativity have always been at the forefront of product design. We are dedicated to evolving with the changing lifestyles of our customers, and continue to create products that live up to their unique requirements. Our range of water heaters are specially conceptualized to offer high quality, elegance and finish that matches and enhances the beauty of our consumer’s bathroom. Moreover, keeping in mind the criticality of electric safety in Indian households, our new-age water heaters adhere to all the necessary safety standards, which is our utmost priority for our consumers.

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