China’s TCL Impresses American With Superior Quality TVs At Low Prices

The overseas sales of China’s top TV maker TCL Corporation (000100) registered a staggering 11.14 million units in the first half of this year, with more than a third increase year on year. Additionally, the company now ranks second in North American market share by sales volume, moving one notch up from last year.

Despite the rising tension of the Sino-US trade dispute, TCL’s sales in the North American market increased by three-quarters in the same period. With a 3.6% increase in the market share, it has taken a 15.5% slice. Its sales in March even exceeded Samsung (005930) as the top one for the month

The success of TCL in North America comes from its enlarged distribution network, and close collaboration with major chain stores and retailers. It has built up deep and extensive local channels since 2011. Besides its cooperation with Amazon (AMZN) and Walmart (WMT) and with all of Best Buy’s (BBY) stores in 2017, the company also raised its share in mid and high-end markets.

Its well-established supply chain located worldwide also contributed to the company’s superior performance in North America. With an overseas production of more than 15 million sets per year, its manufacturing capacity abroad could easily meet the need of global market.―China Knowledge

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