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Changing Scenario Of Indian TV Market

The TV viewing experience has come a long way from black and white to adapting the 21st century’s extravagant technology and upgraded features. Earlier, TV was a luxury but now they are becoming more of a necessity. Consumers are increasingly changing their TV sets every 4-5 years, as prices of large screen models are becoming more affordable and with the state-of-the-art technology coming into the picture, leading to growth in the segment. Affordability of flat and large screen televisions has increased and therefore the televisions industry is growing rapidly.

Consumers are rapidly moving toward flat panel televisions, leading to the scrapping of cathode ray tube (CRT) in the future. From the past few years, television makers are heading toward making technology integrated for the better quality of TV viewing experience for its customers, therefore creating competition in this market.

India is the second largest country with a maximum audience after China, so its demand is increasing day by day with the changing technology. In the last 5 years, there has been a tremendous change in the internal and external outlook of television. With the introduction of 3D, 4K, high definition (HD), television has entered a new dimension in everyone’s life as it provides the best video quality, and the audience are more attracted toward these features. But the problem arises here – as we know these features are not available in earlier models of television like the portable television that has a huge size and very heavy, the price affordability comes into play. India is a developing country with poverty as its main degrading criteria. It is not possible to buy smart TV for lower middle-class people.

The market has not been fully flourished in India; there has been stiff competition between the domestic producer and international producer. Moreover, the quality depends on various brands with different price tags. Though there has been a slight revolution in television in India, most of us are prone towards the smart LED TV; the price factor will play a vital role in the coming years for marketing. The price of normal LED TV is quite affordable nowadays but the price of the big LED TV has to come out with a negotiation that is quite affordable to a lower middle-class individual.

Akai has a wide range of affordable LED TVs ranging from 24-inch to 65-inch in various variants which are both in the normal and smart segments along with 4K UHD. Akai, in terms of technology, is supported by leading Korean and Japanese brand and is considered to be of high quality as per the industry reports. One of the differentiating factors of Akai has been that even though they offer all the features and specifications of a high-end smart TV, the cost of it has been kept taking into consideration the spending capacity of India’s working middle class.

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