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Celebrating The New

LG Electronics India launched an emotional yet inspirational campaign themed CelebratingTheNew, revolving around how new innovations and new lifestyle aspirations make dreams come true, and more importantly how dreaming is shaping a new India in 2018.The launch of the video coincided with LG’s 21st anniversary celebrations in India, where it is further stepping up efforts to design and manufacture innovative products and solutions that satisfy the specific requirements of Indian customers.

The heart-warming video is of a father and a teenage daughter wherein a father surpasses a challenge he had since his youth, through learning from her daughter. Celebrating the New is a fresh take on every lifestyle dynamics of parent-kid relationships in India and how one common thing in our lives passes from generation to generation. LG has captured this philosophy as journey of innovation from one generation to another in the video.

The video begins with a teenage girl searching for something in the old boxes where she accidentally discovers a mathematics answer sheet with a score that reads 3 out of 100 marks. The answer sheet, as it turns out, belonged to her father. The video goes into a flashback where there is a boy who was being scolded by his father, who also happens to be a mathematics school teacher, for scoring badly in his math exam. The 14-year boy, who in the present day is the father of the girl, is embarrassed and is seen roaming around the streets.

The scene cuts back to the present day where he regrets running away from school after flunking the test, and how that incident has changed his life forever. As the story moves on, the daughter is putting her best efforts in teaching math to her father to the extent that she convinces him to appear for an exam. The girl then sends the answer sheet to her grandfather to check. In the end, there is a surprise planned for the father where the grandfather is holding his answer sheet wherein a score of 93/100 is seen. The music that accompanies the video depicts the journey and the motive of puzrsuing one’s dreams.

Amit Gujral
Head Corporate Marketing,
LG Electronics India

“The emotionally charged campaign is a true reflection of LG’s brand philosophy of making our customers’ dreams come true. The video effectively depicts the emotions and aspirations of a common man, and how following one’s dreams can have a long-lasting impact on their own lives and of their loved ones. It reminds us in a unique way how dreams have and continue to come alive with LG. We have always been a companion along the journey of our consumers and this campaign dedicates a strong message – LG has been an integral part of every Indian’s dream. Our 21 years long journey in India is a remarkable milestone, and we are determined more than ever before to develop innovative products and solutions that act as catalyst in offering better lifestyle to all its consumers”

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