• Out With The Old, In With The New

    Out With The Old, In With The New

    For its entire existence, the vast global television market has survived and thrived amid a series of transformations. Here is how it is expected to surf the next wave in…Read More

  • A New Twist On Refrigeration

    An international team of researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas and Nankai University, China, has discovered a new refrigeration technology based on twisting and untwisting fibers. The team…Read More

  • A Mixed 1HFY20

    A Mixed 1HFY20

    A close look at sales figures of 1HFY20 versus 1HFY19 reveals interesting trends with the underlying fact that summer of 2019 was favorable for cooling products. The CE, HA, and…Read More

  • Marketing Consumer Electronics In India

    Marketing Consumer Electronics In India

    A new McKinsey metric helps Indian marketers get buyers’ attention at the beginning of their decision journey – when it counts the most. Gaining a spot in the initial consideration…Read More

  • UHD TVs all the way!

    UHD TVs all the way!

    Larger pixels, four times in case of 4K and 16 times in case of 8K, than standard full HDTV, is where the TV market is headed over the next five…Read More

  • Musings from an OLED advocate

    Musings from an OLED advocate

    The OLED Association, an industry-based organization, provides a forum for the interchange of technical and global market information, and regularly updates its members on developments. Reports from DSCC OLED equipment…Read More

  • China on the fast track

    China on the fast track

    Tier-III brands are expected to play a big role in digesting the leftover 65- and 75-inch panels that BOE and ChinaStar are unable to offload to their current big-name customers….Read More

  • Display Shipments Plummet

    Display Shipments Plummet

    Looking ahead to the third quarter, the fast-changing dynamics of the TV-panel supply base will have an impact on TV makers’ buying plans during the next couple of months. These…Read More

  • World Cup Pushes TV Market

    World Cup Pushes TV Market

    The trend seems to be moving toward OLED TVs or else 60-inch and larger panels LCDs. The global TV market grew 2.9 percent in 2018, reaching 221 million units, because…Read More

  • Accelerated Consolidation Ahead

    Accelerated Consolidation Ahead

    The pay-TV market, be it in the U.S. or Asia-Pacific region, is seeing accelerated consolidation in the face of deteriorating subscriber and revenue growth. However, the Indian players are upbeat…Read More

  • Another Round of Disruption Imminent

    Another Round of Disruption Imminent

    Leading brands are looking for growth from advanced TV technologies. Chinese manufacturers are continuing to make a dent with aggressive pricing, albeit sustainability may be a difficult proposition. In the…Read More

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