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A few summers ago, V-Guard was getting ready to partner the Kochi Tuskers team in the IPL. Out of the blue came an unexpected challenge. The V-Guard logo was unreadable and ungainly on the team’s livery. Among the logos of other IPL sponsors, V-Guard’s logo looked distinctly old fashioned. It triggered some deep retrospection, because a brand’s identity is a mirror image of what it stands for and vice versa. Was V-Guard indeed a reflection of its old fashioned identity? The V-Guard team asked itself some very hard questions.

The introspection sparked a new desire – the desire to transform. The transformation will not be a cosmetic change. It will be based on a philosophy and vision that will drive every change at V-Guard. Keeping this in mind, a series of researches were commissioned to understand consumer perceptions and expectations from a transformed V-Guard. It took almost 18 months to get the answers. The other eye opener was that young India was not interested in buying only solid, long lasting functional products any more. They were looking for smart, intuitive products made and marketed by vibrant, agile brands and companies. It led to V-Guard articulating a new vision and philosophy for the brand to reset benchmarks in every category it operates.

Soon visible outcomes in alignment with the new vision for the brand came to light, starting with the smart water heater named Verano. From anywhere in the world wherever one is, the water heater can be switched off or on. Staying true to its smart water heater tagline, it sends energy consumption notifications to the customer apart from alerting the customer if the water heater is running dry and cuts off power supply immediately.

Next in line were its smart inverters. Using smart technology to drive a connected world, it allows consumers to know the inverter battery usage and back up, control the performance levels basis the appliances one wants to use, run high-intensity appliances like iron, coffee maker, grinder, toaster/roti maker, hair dryer, and more on lower capacity inverter models for short spurts of time during emergencies, apart from enabling a super charge mode to ensure longer back up during emergency situations.

Then smart fans were launched this summer, Imagina which come with LED lights in a million combinations that can suit one’s taste and mood. It is also equipped with a unique breeze mode that transforms living room to seashore like experience and more. A sleek new AC stabilizer that has become the benchmark in the category and has brought alive thoughtfulness in design has been launched too.

With its transformation firmly on the way, V-Guard set about restructuring and streamlining all its internal processes. In parallel it issued a re-branding brief to its design agency and a communication brief to the advertising agency. We worked with Landor on creation of the new identity and design language and Ralph & Das was instrumental in the communication creation and Mudra Communications in media.

By February 2018, V-Guard unveiled its massive transformation to the world with a new and sleek brand identity, a series of delightful new products, and a brand re-launch campaign. The 360-degree communication got underway with a PR blitzkrieg which was splashed across the length and breadth of the country. The launch campaign came alive in more than 15 full page large formatprint, over 100 channels nationally, a vibrant OOH campaign (more than 800 sites) and an impactful digital campaign that quickly earned itself a place among the top five most viewed and loved campaigns in India as per YouTube ad leaderboard, and was featured in Brand Equity.

Nandagopal Nair
Vice President and Head – Brand and Communications,
V-Guard Industries Ltd.

“V-Guard has embarked on the path to build brand along the path of doing business. A dynamic, vibrant, contemporary, agile brand which will be thoughtful in the products that we create, the service that we provide, the communication that we do, and in short the business that we operate in. Welcome to V-Guard 2.0!”

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