Brick And Mortar Retail Stores Getting Creative During Tough Times

The internet and amazon have changed the entire Retail Industry as well as the Commercial Real Estate Industry. Retail Stores that used to be the destination for every item a customer needed are now fighting with Amazon and other Internet platforms over potential customers.

In most areas of the competition, the internet is winning due to substantially lower overhead and regulations but optimistic owner of Basics plus Zvi Cohen is very confident about the advantage of Brick and Mortar stores over internet platforms.

Basics Plus is a chain of Hardware and Home Goods stores spread all over New York City. With seven locations and a variety of 25,000 different items in each store most New Yorkers have shopped in Basics Plus for their Home needs at least once, “And if you shopped in Basics Plus once, you will come back again says Cohen”.

“If you sit back and do nothing about winning, Amazon will eat you for breakfast,” Cohen says, but if you understand that your advantage is your exposure and your direct communication to your customers and if you are dynamic and think out of the box then no algorithm can win you.

In the last few years, Basics Plus has started to offer services that no Internet site can compete with.

services such as Knife Sharpening, Miele Vacuums Repairs, Air Conditioners Installations and more.

Recently Cohen and Basics Plus teamed up with iGuard Locksmith NYC, one of the leaders in the Locksmith and Security industry in New York. iGuard Locksmith has opened a Physical location inside every Basics Plus store, making iGuard Locksmith the biggest Security Company in terms of Physical exposure in NYC.

“The internet has completely changed the locksmith industry,” says Tom Maman owner of iGuard Locksmith. Only a few years back customers were very careful about whom they are letting handle their security and locksmith needs. Customers would usually use their neighborhood locksmith so if anything went wrong, they could always go back to his physical Brick and Mortar location and actually talk to the locksmith. These days people search online for a locksmith and so many “Ghost” locksmith listings have popped up with locksmiths who are not licensed and could not care less about the customer’s security, they only care about ripping off the customers who call them, and then if a problem arises there is no one to talk to and no physical location to go to.

“We are proud to be part of Basics Plus,” Maman says, you can now visit any of our seven iGuard locations and get your keys duplicated and book any job such as Cylinders Changed, Dead Bolt installed and get 24 Hour.

Basics Plus and iGuard are conveniently located in every neighborhood around the city, iGuard Upper West is at 2315 Broadway and 84th Street, iGuard Upper East is at 1621 1st Ave and 84th Street, iGuard Midtown is at 845 2nd Avenue and 45th Street, iGuard West Village is at 121 University Place and 13th Street, iGuard East Village is at 91 3rd Avenue and 12th Street, iGuard Financial District is at 85 John Street and iGuard Tribeca is at 386 Canal Street.

The combination of a Hardware and Home goods store with a Locksmith company like iGuard Locksmith is a product of thinking out of the box, a product of good competition, a product that wins— Digital Journal

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