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BPL, India’s former favourite TV brand is making a comeback. Thanks to Reliance

Before dainty plasma and flat screen TVs made their way to the walls of most average Indian homes, bulky television sets held court in every living room in the country. Back then, one of the most popular TV brands in India was BPL — the logo had the brand name in a simple font in silver.

While the company had lost out to competition over the years, it seems poised to climb the success ladder again in the consumer durables and electronics market and win back the popularity it enjoyed in the ’90s.

In August this year, it was reported that Reliance has acquired the license to manufacture and market consumer durable products under the BPL and Kelvinator brand names. “It’s a joint partnership, while Reliance plans how to scale up the business, we’re still taking care of product innovation and quality assurance. It’s proven beneficial to us. BPL TVs are among the top five highest selling TVs already,” BPL CEO Sunil Khurana told ThePrint.

Consumers who recall the brand’s earlier products are happy at the prospect of bringing back a BPL TV. “As a kid BPL was a well-respected brand we all knew about. I still remember the grand old TV in my living room which we discarded not because it was dying, but because the technology became obsolete. I wasn’t aware about BPL’s comeback. If available, I will fill my house with BPL products without a second thought!” said Vijay Lalwani, a Delhi-based marketing professional. The Print

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