Bosch India addresses common myths around the usage of dishwasher in ‘Indian Kitchen Ka Dishwasher’ campaign

In order to educate consumers on the usage of dishwashers as well as bust common myths associated with it, Bosch India has rolled out a new digital campaign titled ‘Indian Kitchen ka Dishwasher’ highlighting how they can be used in the most efficient manner. The campaign is already live across platforms like Google Display Network and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. The campaign is set to go live across OTT channels like YouTube and Hotstar in September 2020.

“One of the bigger myths/assumptions in the consumer’s mind is that dishwashers are not suitable for Indian kitchens, Indian utensils and Indian cooking habits. The campaign is aimed to address and mitigate myths and assumptions regarding dishwashers and how the product is suited for Indian kitchens and vessels,” the company said in a statement.

As part of the campaign, the company has launched a series of films addressing the doubts on the usage of dishwashers as well as highlighting the top features. From hygienic wash, to water savings, cleaning of Indian stains as well as fitting of multiple utensils in the dishwasher, the campaign covers the different features of the home appliance. According to Neeraj Bahl, MD and CEO, BSH Home Appliances, the first ever dishwasher campaign showcases the Bosch range of dishwashers which gives consumers access to hygienic dishes while assuring convenience. “The heightened need for personal hygiene and convenience as an outcome of COVID-19, has accelerated awareness and demand for this product segment giving aspirational customers an opportunity to live a hassle-free lifestyle. With the vast possibilities for dishwashers in India, in the coming times we see it gradually featuring in their ‘top appliances to buy’ list,” he added.-Financial Express

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