Bosch Home Appliances Witnesses Double-Digit Growth In Qatar

The double-digit growth that Bosch Home Appliances has witnessed in Qatar over the past six years alongside its partner, Fifty One East, is a testament to the direction the company has taken to become the Qatari consumer’s brand reference for world-class quality standards.
According to Norbert Klein, BSH Region Head for Turkey, Middle East and North Africa and Central Asia, Bosch has a lot to offer to the Qatari consumer – high quality, good functionality, and excellent design, which, when combined all together, defines Bosch as a leading international brand.
“The Bosch brand is in our genes,” Klein told Gulf Times in an interview, adding that the various services provided by the company reflect what founder Robert Bosch had envisioned for the end consumer – great customer experience.
“We want the customer to have a good experience – that is our brand. Our founder was always keen on delivering excellent quality for the consumer, outstanding design, and well-trained technicians in each of our stores,” Klein continued.
Klein stressed that Bosch constantly aims to improve the everyday lives of each customer by consistently looking into consumer behaviour and studying their daily habits.
Only recently, Bosch opened its latest store at Lagoona Mall, in collaboration with Fifty One East. To this, Klein said: “We think that within such a store there is a comprehensive proposition for the consumers.
“Compared to an ordinary, mass merchandise or multi-brand outlet, we strive to bring our customers into the Bosch world, and we have the opportunity to demonstrate to the consumer how our products work.”
Similarly, BSH Home Appliances FZE CEO Tomas Alonso underlined the importance of brand perception among consumers in global markets where Bosch maintains a wide presence.
“The direction we have taken is to really invest in our brand and in stores such as the one we opened here at Lagoona Mall,” pointed out Alonso, who stressed on the remarkable growth Bosch had witnessed in Qatar alongside Fifty One East.
“When managing his company, al-Darwish is really putting a clear element to growth. Since 2012, Bosch’s growth in Qatar has been remarkable. And the situation of the markets is not easy at all, but he is pushing the teams and always promoting activities into the markets to achieve this kind of success,” Alonso said of Bader Abdullah al-Darwish, Fifty One East’s chairman and managing director.
Al-Darwish was recently invited by Dr Karsten Ottenberg, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH’s chairman of the board of Management and CEO to the company’s headquarters in Munich, Germany, where he welcomed him in acknowledgement of Fifty One East’s outstanding performance towards the Bosch brand in Qatar.
On the local front, Klein stressed that Qatar “is an interesting and important marketplace” within the Middle East, citing the massive infrastructure projects related to the sports, tourism, and hospitality sectors.
“Bosch is the leading brand in terms of home appliances in Europe and worldwide, and when it comes to project business, we believe there is a market in Qatar that we have to address.
“We are quite strong in our brands especially in project business, so Qatar is a good place to be and the country offers a good potential for our brand,” Klein said, adding that Bosch’s stores are not only for end consumers but for project developers, as well.
“We made good progress in the last six years with Fifty One East, and we’re growing on a two-digit basis year by year. We’re very happy and we think there is further potential for us in this market,” he continued.
Alonso also pointed out that Qatar’s “extremely fast” population growth in the past 5 to 10 years was a clear indicator that “people are all putting their faith in Qatar.”
“They’re sure that the infrastructure, urbanistic development, and high-value projects are coming here. We need to be ready, and we want to put our fingerprint in this environment,” Alonso emphasized.
At the new Bosch store at Lagoona Mall, customers can explore the full range of German-engineered home appliances. Bosch’s product portfolio spans the entire spectrum of modern household appliances that includes everything from stoves, ovens, extractor hoods, dishwashers, washers, dryers, refrigerators, and freezers to small appliances like vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, electric kettles and irons. This makes Bosch the only full-range provider of home appliances.
The new store comes after the opening of Bosch’s dedicated store in 2014 to meet the increasing demand of consumers in Qatar on reliable and trustworthy home appliances.
For over 130 years, the Bosch brand has been the worldwide embodiment of quality, technical competence, reliability, and consumer proximity. Bosch’s home appliances have also committed to these values for the past 85 years.
For Bosch, creating products that have been “invented for life” means focusing on the needs and challenges of the modern individual. The goal of all innovation is to make life noticeably easier, and to enable a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
To this end, Bosch appliances have achieved not only good but perfect results across all appliance categories. Be it preparation of healthy meals, optimal food storage, clean clothes or simply performing cleaning tasks, product performance far exceeds actual device function.
This is achieved through trendsetting technology, smart ideas, and surprisingly simple solutions and intuitive control elements. Additionally, the timeless design, which has been distinguished internationally many times, fulfills the growing demand from households for a harmonious blend between kitchen furniture and home appliances.
High-quality materials and a precise finish are what make the product quality discernible with all senses. Bosch strives in every way towards sustainability and stability.
Environmentally conscious, resource-friendly products and processes are accompanied with customer service that sets standards within its sector. In various ways, the company fulfills founder Robert Bosch’s ideal of “better to lose money than trust.” —Gulf Times

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