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Best smart washing machines to buy in India

As far as smart homes go, there is no limit to how smart you can go. These days, with the help of modern technology, even washing machines, fridges and similar appliances can be remotely operated. If you’re still operating your washing machine the old fashioned way, it is high time you upgrade your washer to something that can connect to the internet, allowing you to remotely monitor and control the machine. This is, naturally, an addition to the capabilities of these machines. Here are some of the best wifi connected washing machines for smart homes.

LG 7Kg 5 star Inverter Wifi Front Load Washing Machine
A front loading washing machine, it is fully equipped with Wifi controls. The machine is designed for use in modern, smart enabled homes. The machine can be connected to Alexa or Google Assistant, and you can switch it on or off via voice commands. Incidentally, you can monitor key aspects and maintenance guidelines on the mobile application itself. The machine has a 5 star energy rating, in addition to a 7kg capacity which is ideal for large laundry loads. Control the machine via Google Home or Amazon Alexa, the machine is effective and smart.

Samsung 7 Kg 5 Star AI Control & Wi-Fi, Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine
Sporting a 7kg capacity for laundry, a 5 star energy efficiency rating, this front loading washer is a must have in your smart home. It is effective as a washing machine, while adding the simple yet game changing technology that is IoT. The washing machine can be set, turned on, and monitored all from your phone, which makes for very effective functionality. It has high tech washing modes and techniques which rid your fabrics of even the most resistive stains. It brings silent operation, an underrated feature, in addition to smart functionality.

LG 12.0 Kg Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
Designed for large households, this top load washing machine has a laundry load capacity of 12Kgs. The washing machine has multiple wash cycles that remove tough stains, smells, dirt and grime for clothes. If you’re not in the mood to start a cycle, you can schedule a timer, and the machine will begin its process at a particular time. Smart functionality is another boon of this washer. It can be remotely operated and monitored. Built to handle large loads, the machine is effective and efficient.

Samsung 7 Kg Wi-Fi Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine
In the market for a 7kg capacity washing machine that has all the great features in addition to smart functionality? This Samsung option is a good value for money option. The machine sports 21 wash programs for all kinds of fabrics and clothes. These modes range from soft clothes rinsing, to heavy duty cleaning and washing. The machine has a high RPM motor which makes for quicker washes. It also houses inverter technology, in addition to 5 star efficiency rating. It offers extensive washing programs which thoroughly clean clothes.

Panasonic 8.0 Kg 5 Star Wifi Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine
This 8Kg laundry capacity front loading washing machine comes with a Built-In Heater which removes tough stains in a jiffy. There are 16 wash programs ranging from soft foam cycles, to quick, 15-minute runs. You can also pause wash cycles to add clothes as per your convenience. In addition to that, smart functionality recommends wash programs with customized parameters based on weather condition, cloth types and soil level on the associated mobile application. The mobile app also helps you maintain and troubleshoot the machine. Add clothes as per your convenience with pausing function. Also, it features custom wash cycles option.

TCL 8.5 Kg Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
A fully automatic top loading washing machine from TCL, this 8.5KG machine is ideal for large homes. It can carry out washes for large laundry loads without a hitch. The entire washing cycle is efficient and highly effective. It can be remotely operated via a smartphone app, and there are many washing cycles to pick from. In the app, you can customize the washing cycles as per your liking, and depending on the sensitivity of the fabric, texture and other factors. Putting the smart in a smart washer, it is highly functional, and effective at washing clothes. Business Insider

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