Avi Compact, The Largest Daikin Distributor, Estimates A Turnover Of EUR 7.5 Million In 2019

Avi Compact, the largest Daikin distributor in Romania for 13 years, expects to close 2019 with a turnover of about EUR 7.5 million. The corporate segment contributed over 75 percent of the total portfolio in the first half of this year.

The company has proposed for 2019 to strengthen its collaboration on segments such as banking, pharmaceuticals or hotels, but also expanding on the commercial and industrial area.

The most important projects for the first half year are:

  • Telekom Romania – Palatul Telefoanelor, is an ongoing project. All the building will be air-conditioned with the best performing Daikin VRV systems;
  • Hotel Lido – air conditioning;
  • GMB Romania Auto Industry – air conditioning installations for the new production hall in Pitesti;
  • Air conditioning for the Penny Market network;
  • Patria Bank – replacement of air conditioning equipment from a number of bank agencies;
  • Central Hotel in Ploiesti – air conditioning;
  • Hercesa Imobiliare – air conditioning for the new buildings in the Vivenda Complex.

“The most sought after equipments are high energy efficiency, low noise, self-diagnosis and a high warranty period. We have noticed that criteria such as qualification of staff, the ability to handle large jobs, providing 24/7 intervention services, inventory of equipment and spare parts,” explains Florin Radulescu, founder of Avi Compact.

All equipment works with the new R32 freon

The residential segment contributes approximately 25 percent to the turnover. All Daikin air conditioning equipment works with the new R32 freon.―Business Review

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