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Automotive micro-LED display commercializatIon expected in 2-3 years

Samples of micro LED displays for cars have been undergoing trials and commercialization of such products is estimated to take 2-3 years, according to industry sources.

Micro LED displays are expected to be adopted for high-end automobile models because corresponding cost will take up relatively low proportions of total BOM (bill of materials) cost for a car, the sources explained.

LCD panel maker AU Optronics (AUO) and PlayNitride recently have jointly unveiled a 9.4-inch high-resolution micro LED display. PlayNitride produces micro LEDs sized at 15-micron x 30-micron and uses stamping process to mass transfer over 5.5 million such chips onto a flexible LTPS plastic back plane, industry sources noted. AUO is responsible for setting specifications and structure design for the display.

AUO and PlayNitride in 2019 also co-developed a 12.1-inch micro LED automotive display at a resolution level of 169ppi based on glass backplanes, the sources said. Flexible micro LED displays, as compared with those based on hard glass backplanes, can be fitted in curved surfaces such as dashboards and central information displays, the sources indicated.

While the diameter of micro LEDs can be reduced to 2.5-micron, 30-micron chips are more practical for volume production, the sources noted. If micro LEDs are used in consumer electronics or wearable devices, resolution levels have to be hiked to at least 300ppi, equivalent to decreasing the chip diameter to 25-micron, which will result in high production cost, the sources indicated.

China-based LCD panel maker Tianma Microelectronics in 2019 unveiled a 7.56-inch micro LED display based on LTPS glass backplanes with transparency of 60%, with the LEDs supplied by PlayNitride, the sources said. Digitimes

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