AUO Subsidiary Unveils Smart Digital Signage Displays

ComQi, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AU Optronics (AUO), has unveiled an all-in-one digital signage solution using Intel Smart Display Module (Intel SDM) architecture.

The solution puts a media player inside a set of AUO commercial LCD displays, but makes the player modules swappable for easy repairs and upgrades, according to the vendor. The players quickly dock in and out of a slot in the screens.

ComQi’s Intel SDM solution is launching with a pair of standard and high-demand slot-loaded PC modules, for standard displays, sized at 43- and 55-inch diagonal and video wall displays, sized at 46- and 55-inch diagonal. The configurations can be mixed and matched, as either module fits with either display.

Both players run on the Ubuntu Linux operating system and are fully integrated and ready to run and work with ComQi’s EnGage content management platform for digital signage and interactive retailing.

“More and more so-called smart displays have entered the digital signage marketplace, and while we’ve always liked the streamlined design and cost reductions that come with screens that have built-in media players, we’ve also had our reservations,” Stuart Armstrong, group president and chief revenue officer of ComQi, was cited as saying in a company press release.

“First, if there is a problem with the display or the embedded player, the whole display panel may have to come down, and probably go back to a depot for repair. That means the screen could be out for days, which is a non-starter for many customers especially mission-critical applications like food services and mass transport,” he said. But AUO’s Intel SDM displays minimize downtime by swapping out the Intel SDM card without having to dismount the screens, he added.

“Second, there’s very little continuity across the different manufacturers that have smart displays. To support smart displays from three companies, software providers need to develop and maintain three new variations of their software to support their customers, and even then, you will not get everything an Intel® SDM solution can deliver,” added Armstrong.―Digitimes

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