An OLED Licensor in Ireland who has Sued Samsung & LG, now claims that Apple has Infringed their acquired Casio Computer patent

Apple has been sued by an Irish Company based out of Dublin by the name Solas OLED Ltd. for patent infringement. Solas was only formed four years ago and position themselves as owner and licensor of technology focused on the OLED market from the smallest OLED watch display to the largest OLED TV.

The company, that only has 5 shareholders, appears to be nothing more than a patent troll. They’re on record having sued Google, LG and Samsung. They’re now suing Apple with patent 7,868,880 that they “acquired” from Casio Computer Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, JP) solely for the purpose of suing tech companies with deep pockets.

The company claims that Apple Watch 3, Apple Watch 4, and Apple Watch 5 directly infringe, literally and/or under the doctrine of equivalents, at least claims 2-40 of the ’880 Patent.-Patently Apple

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